our COVID-19 Relief Initiatives

WHO #SafeHands

Gushcloud is working with the World Health Organization to participate in the Safe Hands Challenge. The Safe Hands Challenge is a public health-focused viral challenge aimed at educating people around the globe about best practices for  hand-washing. Talents participate by filming a video of themselves washing their  hands, and posting it to social media. To date, notable participants of  the challenge include ​Naomi Campbell​, ​Selena Gomez​, The Killers’ Brandon Flowers​ and ​Maria Sharapova​.  


Def Comedy Jam Livestream Marathon

Gushcloud International's new division, GC Studios, took part in producing the first-ever Livestream, comedy fundraiser for the most iconic brand in Comedy. The show was created to raise money for the purchase of medical supplies used to combat COVID-19 in New York. Hosted by Cedric The Entertainer with music by the original Def Comedy Jam’s DJ Kid Capri. Featuring hilarious stories, cyphers, debates, games brought to you by the best comedians of all time. Making their first Def Comedy Jam appearance were also GC Studios' talents Reggie Couz, Kellye Hardy and Kmoore The Goat. Livestream took place on Sunday, April 5th at 7pm PST/10pm EST!

The goal was to raise awareness about the essential workers in underserved communities – not just the nurses, but the bus drivers, grocery store clerks, delivery drivers, sanitation workers; so, on and so forth. The Rush Foundation and Gushcloud International secured the much-needed products which will be delivered to these brave and inspiring people by Life Camp, Inc. led by Erica Ford.



To tackle the COVID-19 virus that is spreading in a small town and to raise money to buy medical equipment for doctors.


Singapore #SupportF&B