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Gushcloud offers turnkey influencer marketing services

Influencer marketing is growing exponentially. In 2027, brands and marketers are expected to spend $370 million. As such, reliance on influencers is not going away anytime soon. It boils down to the established trust between the influencers and their target audiences, making selling products and services easier than using traditional marketing strategies. It is that tacit awareness that makes influencer marketing a more engaging approach.

As an influencer marketing services expert, Gushcloud bridges the brands and influencers on a global scale. First, we help engage distinct target audiences by shaping a branded strategy then, we connect you with influencers and digital content creators. We’ve seen hundreds of influencer marketing services gone wrong, so we promise to do influencer marketing as efficiently as possible, bringing in the desired results.

what is influencer marketing?

Today, influencer marketing is considered under the umbrella term digital marketing. Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on influential people or people with a sizable following on social media and other relevant sites. Since these people have tons of followers and, to an extent, can exert influence on them, they can facilitate product and service endorsements through their platforms.


The multi-billion industry is composed of influencers, the influencer marketing agencies such as Gushcoud, and influencer marketing platforms, which are usually social media and video-sharing sites. Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, and Facebook are four of the most popular platforms today.


our influencer marketing services

Gushcloud understands how influencer marketing services work and the importance of improving the services portfolio and adding service layers whenever the need arises. While we already provide brand assistance in sourcing influencers, managing campaigns, and developing creatives, our influencer marketing services are dynamic.

  • influencer strategy development

When developing a campaign from scratch, influencer marketing services providers need to distinguish the fit between brands and influencers. The strategy revolves around a particular influencer or influencers and what impact they create for their target audience and the demographics of that target audience. In developing a campaign strategy, we look into the value the chosen influencers can bring to the brand.

  • influencer search and discovery

Finding influencers can be difficult. Essentially, you need to create a set of criteria with which you will base your search. The most important factors to look at are the influence and the audience. Other campaign inclusion criteria allow searching by platform active, follower count, and demographic info for the influencer and audience.  The key is establishing the strategic fit between your brand and the chosen influencer, and we will do that for you.

  • content creation strategy

A critical part of any influencer marketing service is content creation. Developing creative concepts can be very challenging. What more when it comes to executing those concepts. Our advocacy, however, is not merely creating marketing collateral. Instead, we focus on storytelling, and we give our influencers the creative freedom to create content that is as effective as possible to be published on the platforms where it will have the biggest impact. 

  • campaign content production

We give directions whenever necessary to ensure that these influencers' content is both on-brand and on schedule. Technical support is important, particularly for starting influencers. This could be in terms of equipment and additional manpower to produce the content they need to produce.

  • campaign content management

Influencer marketing campaigns are simplistic or complex, more so when they involve multiple brands, platforms, influencers, and campaign sets or sub-campaigns. Handling all the campaign features, including creatives, technicals, logistics, and communication, is not without difficulties. We guide the content strategy development and content creation process.

  • content promotion and amplification

Reinforcing an impact through influencer marketing is fundamental to influencer marketing services. But, some brands have no idea how to promote content via paid advertising on social media networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, even when they already have the content.

  • influencers compensation administration

Handling the payment process can also be challenging, especially when handling multiple brands and multiple influencers. Influencer compensation includes escrowing payments, complying with taxes requirements, and transacting via electronic payments such as PayPal and Swipe. Therefore, we will build a compensation package that is unique to the company’s strategies and goals.

  • social media advertising

A brand cannot be on all social media channels there is一relevance matters when choosing an appropriate advertising channel. Since Gushcloud has a multi-platform social approach, we also vet the most appropriate social sites to use for paid advertising. Paid support is important in ensuring maximized campaign results.

  • analytics and reporting

Analyzing the impact of the influencer campaign is also critical in determining whether the campaign is successful or not. Reports are necessary, and these should contain key metrics and insights such as views, reach, engagement, and returns. The value of real-time analytics cannot be emphasized enough, so how the campaign’s metrics will be tracked and by who from the get-go should be determined.

  • contract and legal compliance

When hiring influencers, you are hiring them for a particular campaign. However, before it pushes through, a contract must be drafted first. Other legal compliances must be accomplished as well. We will bridge legal gaps by drafting the contract, negotiating payments with influencers, and handling other regulatory matters. In this way, you can focus on the actual campaign and not the mundane processes.

  • influencer marketing consultation

Authenticity and relevance are important in influencer marketing campaigns so are executional guidelines. This also allows streamlining the activities across platforms. Gushcloud’s expertise and experience allow us to create an influencer marketing campaign playbook that any brand seeking our services can utilize for their campaign.

our influencer marketing services inclusions

Our influencer marketing services objectives are simple: to handle it all and do everything properly. Therefore, we streamline the influencer marketing processes with these fundamentals.

  • Bespoke influencer strategy

    • The majority of influencer marketing campaigns are done globally. The focus is on the verticals such as beauty and fashion, travel and lifestyle, entertainment and celebrity, and health and fitness. Nonetheless some agencies also offer local influencer campaigns involving micro-influencers.

      Whichever your brand chooses, Gushcloud can create a customized influencer strategy for you. This includes the payment model for every influencer marketing campaign. To contextualize, the current model is based on cost per mille (CPM) or paying a certain amount to the influencer for every 1000 views of the advertisement. Such is also why you need to look into the influencer's actual reach before including them in the campaign. 

      Gushcloud can do these nitty-gritty parts of the campaign for you. A part of the process is determining which social platform the campaign must run and the justification for each platform. For one, we will give you insights on your choice of a platform and guidance on which to run your ads instead. 

  • Dedicated influencer marketing specialist

    • Gushcloud has a dedicated team of campaign managers. As a result, we can offer more hands-on support from the conceptualization to the execution of your influencer marketing campaign.

      With the help of the marketing specialists, we can set the right goals and KPIs before any campaign starts. This is how we guarantee influencer marketing success. Our services also include providing you with tangible insights that we can work on and improve along the way.

  • Transparent and accurate reporting

    • We understand that every influencer marketing service provided to our clients requires a working budget. Gushcloud strives to work with brands, providing relevant services based on their real and felt needs. With this, we endeavor to be as transparent and accurate as possible, including cost. Influencer marketing is an investment that should be monitored every step of the way.

      Furthermore, we keep our clients hosted with the progress of the campaign. Our team endeavors to help you understand where we are at in the campaign, whether your goal is to generate brand awareness or drive sales and profits through the said campaign. This is how we help you protect your investment and maximize the returns. 

influencer marketing platforms we work with

At Gushcloud, we’ve seen thousands of people rake in followers on key social media networking sites. These influencers guide their followers’ decision-making, ushering them on which products to try or purchase and services to avail or subscribe to.

We work with the following platforms:


why choose Gushcloud

As an influencer marketing services agency with extensive experience, developing influencer marketing from scratch is never easy. Nowadays, several brands are competing for both market share and influencer attention. Indeed, the digital and social spaces will never be the same again. This is where our role becomes paramount. 

Gushcloud specializes in various content platforms. We create bespoke campaigns, monitor and adapt them with the changing requirements to make them successful. We deliver campaigns across these platforms: TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Our team rises to the challenge regardless of its nature and scope, provided it is within the legal realm.

our influencer marketing process

Our influencer marketing process is pretty straightforward. We worked with thousands of influences from all over the world and in different categories. First, we vet and select influencers based on best fit and then, we develop strategies. 

Our goal is to establish a working campaign that efficiently delivers based on the metrics and key performance indicators initially set during the planning stages. Finally, we report comprehensively on the campaign’s performance upon its completion.

Our process involves:

  1. Developing a campaign strategy to maximize reach and engagement

  2. Selecting influencers and digital content creators for a particular campaign

  3. Negotiating the rates of the influencers and preparing contracts and other legal requirements

  4. Developing creatives such as marketing collateral or 

  5. Approving collaterals the influencers themselves produced before publication

  6. Running the campaign on chosen social platforms

  7. Monitoring the campaign and capturing essential KPIs

  8. Preparing reports based on post-campaign analytics

reasons to invest in influencer marketing services

Brands and marketers are constantly looking for ways to reach out to potential customers, and influencer marketing services emerged as the solution to tackle this marketing gap. This is helpful because some target markets are notoriously difficult to reach, such as the millennials, Gen Zs, and teenagers.

But influencer marketing delivers more benefits than a brand can imagine.

  1. Leverage influencer trust
    Consumers trust influencers’ opinions. As such, this is the most effective way of word-of-mouth marketing today, generating twice as many sales as traditional marketing. Also, more than 40% of online consumers would buy an item after seeing their favorite influencer use it.

    Influencer marketing, therefore, is an effective way to maximize impact on consumers. In addition, partnering with the right influencers amplifies audience trust, which means driving more sales and profits for your business.

  2. Generate higher conversion rates
    Tapping the services of influencers leads to new leads and, thus, new conversions. Influencers attract high-quality 5x higher quality leads compared with other marketing strategies. Your brand can increase conversion rates this way.

    Moreover, influencers work to push the leads into the sales funnel deeper and faster. Studies claim that influencer marketing earns new customers faster than organic search. So it would be best to combine your organic digital marketing strategies with paid strategies such as influencer marketing and social advertising.

  3. Generate higher ROI
    Among the marketing strategies today, influencer marketing generates the highest returns. For example, a brand can earn up to $6.50 for every dollar invested in influencer marketing, a 650% ROI.

    The investment in influencer marketing is relatively minimal compared with the ROI it offers. This alone makes influencer marketing worthwhile to pursue. Also, the highest returns generated may lead the business in accomplishing certain goals like expanding the product portfolio or targeting new market segments.

  4. Boost brand awareness
    Influencer marketing is the most effective in boosting brand awareness. There’s a great fit because 90% of brands and marketers want to improve on this aspect ahead of generating leads, conversions, and sales. It’s because awareness also influences consumer behaviors. So in the grand scheme of things affecting awareness also directly impacts leads and sales generation.

    Influencer marketing helps us in making the brand the top-of-mind choice for any consumer. Couple this with the endorsement of an influencer, who is someone a consumer trusts, then you can build awareness naturally. Influencers appeal to their audience and influence their preferences, which, when it happens, would compel them to take action on what they see, read, or generally, what they have been exposed to.

  5. Improve SEO signals
    Influencer marketing is a form of referral traffic and it creates social proof because of the level of engagement on the brand’s social pages. These social page-level activities help the site rank higher when users search for relevant keywords. So influencer marketing generally improves the site’s ranking and traffic.

    Although this may depend on the quality of the content, influencer marketing content tends to have higher engagement points, including shares. They also go viral in some instances. This is also a good way to earn high-authority links to the brand’s website. Backlinks are a ranking factor. More quality backlinks mean occupying the top positions in the search engine results pages (SERPs). All this is because of influencer marketing.

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