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The Best Apps for Digital Creators in 2022

Jan 31, 2022

It is no secret that people are likely to remember visually stunning digital content.

However, beyond aesthetics and visual impact, digitally created content must also have enough substance to be retained by the viewing audience it was meant to target. That said, compelling content accompanied by visuals is a widely used technique in digital marketing. Today, roughly eighty percent of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing content. And most of the time, it works and delivers results. However, creating and adding visuals is no easy task—this is especially true if you do not have unbridled access to a designer or animator.

Luckily, there is a plethora of apps at your disposal—all of which you can use to create visually compelling content from your mobile device. This means that you can make the content you want from your tablets or even mobile phone wherever you may be. Today, one no longer needs access to a desktop or even a laptop to create the content they want. After all, the volume of content created on mobile devices has long surpassed that of which are made on the desktop.

So, to create your story, all you need is your mobile phone. As a digital content creator, you should be savvy enough to have a few of these indispensable apps on your phone. Whether you want to tell your story through animated videos, multi-image posts, or spatial photography, below are just some of the apps that can elevate your content and make it even more effective.

Apps for digital creators

1.) Chant

Creating short promo videos and tutorials on your phone is now made easier with Chant. Allowing you to create your content in just a couple of minutes, the app gives you access to a myriad of templates. From there, you can choose one or filter them by the purpose you have in mind (increasing sales, attracting new customers, building brand awareness, or engaging users). Creators can also opt to sort templates depending on the industry (service, fashion, business, or beauty). With all these options, creators are given free rein on their content, enabling them to spice things up, resulting in dynamic and more compelling content.

2.) Over

Pretty much like Photoshop at your fingertips, Over offers a multitude of convenient tools for content marketers. With Over, creators have access to various templates, editing, blending tools, decorative elements, and fonts. Admittedly, Over may take a bit of learning before you can deftly use it. Not to worry, though, as the App comes with tutorials and easy-to-use templates that make it easier for creators to customize their content.

3.) SCRL

As a content creator, multi-image posts on Instagram are your friends as they allow your content to appear twice on the social media platform's feed. SCRL is an app that utilizes your photos and makes them look like a mix of a college spread across a panoramic view and told in multiple images, which your audience can swipe.

4.) InShot

There are instances wherein you need to create a video while covering a live event. During those instances, InShot has you covered. With this App, you will no longer need any other video editing app as the developers have made it quick and easy for users to edit a video. With InShot, you can quickly stitch videos and photos together and then edit those on your mobile or tablet device.

5.) Impresso

Creators who love a lot of customization will love Impresso, an app that allows users a multitude of customization options. With Impresso, creators have limitless customization options with layers, font and color options, frames, and templates. With Impresso, you can easily create professional and on-brand content wherever you may be with your phone.

6.) Canva Stories

Canva's App allows users to create on-the-go graphics for their social media posts. While the desktop version is known to be a very powerful app, the mobile counterpart is known for being incredibly convenient while offering users plenty of options for creating content on their mobile device. With Canva, creators can create interactive templates, multi-image stories, quotes, and even trim and edit videos.

7.) Made

Made is an app that allows you to take your Instagram Stories to the next level. With this App, you can choose from several templates, customize your backgrounds, and edit your photos with filters. A feature that most digital content creators find nifty is the App's seamless integration in Instagram. With the App, you can build your stories from start to finish and easily share them on Instagram with just a click.

8.) Unfold

Hailed as an indispensable toolkit for storytellers, the Unfold app is a convenient way to create your stories for social media. Apart from having suitable templates for stories, the App constantly updates its template catalog and incorporates decorative elements, new fonts, and sticks into the App. With the app, creators can organize their stories into folders and save their favorite templates for easy access in the future.

9.) Lifelapse

Touted as an app for stop-motion videos, Lifelapse helps you create visually arresting stop motion videos that highlight a product and even inject life into your tutorials. With step-by-step tutorials within the App, creators need not worry about the complexity of making visually creative stop motion videos. Instead, with Lifelapse, you can experiment and do wonders with storytelling on your phone.

10.) Mojo

Regarded as the best-kept secret of creators for storytelling on social media, Mojo gives you access to hundreds upon hundreds of templates. With the App, you can quickly create either landscape or square content. With polished animations and plenty of templates to choose from, you can create professional content in just a few minutes.


11.) Promo

Promo video maker lets influencers create a video in easy steps. For example, influencers may use a video template, make it from scratch or upload premade videos on the platform. In addition, Promo has tools and features from its royalty-free libraries to customize the video, such as adding a logo, text, and background music.

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