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Gushcloud Internationalのマーケティング・広告部門は、インフルエンサーマーケティングのリーダーであり、ブランドから消費者への影響力を提供しています。

what is influencer management?

Influencer management is all about ensuring the success of the influencer marketing strategies and campaign. Since it involves the end-to-end campaign, it involves several processes from the searching for potential influencers to include in the campaign to establishing relationships, content development, and strategy execution. Constant communication with the brand is also essential, coordinating to roll out the campaign effectively.

Gushcloud defines influencer management as the process of managing relationships with brands, platforms, and more. Influencer management includes everything from negotiation to collaboration, content creation, approvals, campaign management, payments, and long-term relationship building. At the campaign level, it involves managing the end-to-end operations of a brand’s influencer marketing campaign.


importance of influencer management to brands

At Gushcloud, talents are offered the services they need to seamlessly operate as an influencer or content creator. Our firm belief is: influencers get the job done. This alone makes influencer marketing critical for brands to succeed in an ever-competitive digital landscape.

With this, there’s more to influencer management than you think.

  • bridges the authenticity gap

Online is a pool of self-proclaimed influencers who have nothing to show for how they can bring the desired results. At times, despite excessive onboarding, the mismatch often shows. No dissing here but no brand should work with these “influencers.” And we should know because, at Gushcloud, we can readily know which influencers would bring value to your business.

We have an in-house pool of influencers, each of whom are carefully evaluated based on their reach and other relevant metrics. Additionally, Gushcloud has cultivated good relationships with influencers with suitable metrics to back up influence claims.

  • protects the influencers and brands

Influencer marketing creates unique circumstances for both the brands and influencers. Although the majority of the influencers do not cause reputational or image problems, this happens. The most common mishap is failing to indicate the sponsorship, which is required particularly in the US. Failing to comply results in penalties and other legal ramifications.

At Gushcloud, while we provide the digital talents and stars, we also strive to protect the brands we work with anyway we can. That’s why we take the legal aspects of influencer marketing seriously, not just in the content that the target audience sees, but also behind the scenes, including contracts, terms, compensation, etc.

  • generates satisfactory results

Influencer marketing is performance-based. Managing performance can be a bit tricky, though. Since influencers are paid based on performance, they are more than motivated to do satisfactory jobs without the compromises. They do this to protect their own brand too.

At Gushcloud, our campaigns thrive on cultivating long-term relationships between brands and influencers. These relationships are more productive than one-off campaigns. We ensure alignment of values, emphasizing the need for onboarding so that the influencers get to know the brand more in-depth.

our influencer management services

Gushcloud International has four units namely Gushcloud Agency, Gushcloud Entertainment, Gushcloud Solutions, and GC Live. Gushcloud Agency is our marketing and advertising unit responsible for influencer management. A leader in influencer marketing, the agency's goal is to deliver value from brands to the consumers with influencers and content creators bridging the gap between the two entities.  

Our influencer management services include:

  • Exclusive Talent Management and Representation

  • Booking of Deals and Endorsements

  • Content and Channel Production and Management

  • Cross Border Into China Talent Management

  • Legal and Communications

doing influencer relationship management effectively

Influencer management is not your typical day’s work, starting with influencer discovery up to collaboration. Several things go into the management aspect. Nonetheless, influencer management is not an exact science. Gushcloud lays the foundation of a solid long-term collaboration.

  • Relevance
    An effective influencer management starts with selecting only the most relevant influencers for brands. Then, of course, influencers also vet for brands who they like to work with, prioritizing how the brand may resonate with their audience or following.

    Our influencers receive too many brand collaborations pitches. However, we choose relevance when responding to these brands. There would also be a strong relatability of storytelling that works with the chosen influencer’s audience.

  • Fairness
    Influencers expect compensation for their performance of the contract. Such a strategy is often mistaken as ‘freebies,’ but this easily makes for the major setback that unknowing brands often make. To emphasize, there’s no room for inadequate compensation in influencer marketing.

    We, at Gushcloud, do not short sell our influencers. Instead, we strive for competitive compensations commensurate with the amount or extent of work expected from the influencer. This shows how we value our influencers.

  • Freedom
    Providing influencers with sufficient creative freedom can also make influencer management as effective as it can be. Leaving no space for creativity with their content, the brands run the risk of compromising the quality of the content and the quality of the results that this content may generate.

    Our advocacy at Gushcloud is to provide the influencers with the creative freedom they need because 1) it is their platform and 2) it is their audience. The influencers know their audiences better than us nor any brand. Also, the audience has expectations and who better to gauge their audience than the influencers themselves. Therefore, respecting their ideas is paramount to us.

  • Time
    Aside from the space they need, influencers must also be given the sufficient time to create their content. Having adequate time applies to the entire influencer campaign wherein a long-term strategy is more important than a short-term one. Authenticity is not built in; this should be developed over time too.

    Because we know how misconstrued the perceptions of the brands about content creation, our agency educates the brands about the effort required to create content that engages the influencers’ audience. Some of these influencers also have part- or full-time jobs. Thus, respecting their professional lives also goes a long way.

building long-term brand-influencer relationships

Our influencer management services are geared towards long-term success. Influencers themselves build long-term relationships with their followers, so they need to do the same between brands and influencers. The fruits of these relationships are strong brand awareness, increased audience engagement, and first rate content.

Gushcloud’s business case is anchored in:

recognizing influencers’ value

Brands should see influencers as an extension of their marketing arm as brand ambassadors, not necessarily promotional tools. Indeed, how a brand treats the influencers and content creators affects the quality of their content. Influencers need not feel special, but valued so they create amazing content and boost audience engagement.

A meaningful way to recognize the influencers' value to a brand is getting them involved. Their voices matter, allowing them to share their opinion and suggestions. Their feedback must be treated with respect and value because these influencers have direct connections with their followers.

earning lasting relationships

Brands, influencers, and the agency that binds them together must get the relationship right. This requires time and effort from all the parties involved. Nonetheless, relationships are earned through trust, communication, and transparency.

The damage is done if the relationship between the brand and influencers is not nurtured at the get-go. This is how you lay the foundation of a more robust connection, which is the formula for a successful relationship. Authentic gestures count too, separating your brand from other brands.

safeguarding relationships and reputations

Balance is also critical in influencer management. Both entities have goals to achieve, and the intersections of these goals must be accomplished by both teams. This will be a differentiator that will lead the campaign to its success. If not taken seriously, however, the reputations of both are at risk.

The most important aspect is being on the same page. Efforts must be synergized; otherwise, inconsistencies and incongruencies may stall the growth of both the brand and the influencer. For one, if the influencer does not with the brand’s narrative, no one can expect the relationship一and the campaign一to bring the desired results.

Why hire us as your influencer management agency?

Gushcloud Agency has Talent Units across 11 countries (US, Australia, North Asia & Southeast Asia) and commits to building long-term and sustainable career opportunities for digital stars on the one hand and nourishing brand campaigns on the other hand. Gushcloud purports to bring value to any business through:

  1. End to end campaign management
    Gushcloud handles the influencer campaign from start to finish一from vision to execution.

  2. Well-executed relationship building
    We establish common grounds between a brand and relevant influencers.

  3. Effective influencer communication
    Our team ensures that the influencers receive detailed information and feedback.

  4. Mindful team coordination
    Gushcloud supports both the brand and the influencer  to ensure milestones are met.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. What is an outreach campaign, and should I implement it for my brand?
    An outreach campaign is the practice of determining the target market ‘s influencers, reaching out to them, and getting their services to promote your brand and its products and services.

    With this, your brand may capitalize on and implement an outreach campaign to build and increase brand awareness. About 75% of brands are doing influencer marketing to a degree, allowing influencers to spread their brand’s message to their target audience. Brands that tapped the services of influencers and generated 89% ROI compared to other marketing channels.

  2. What is the difference between collaboration and sponsorship? Should I do a collaboration?
    The terms collaboration, partnership, and sponsorship are increasingly blurry一a thin line separates the three. And that line pertains to whether the work is paid in cash, in kind, or both.

    Collaborations started as unpaid, though the brands typically offered the product or services. Then again, it can be a paid collaboration, which means monetary compensation is provided. The term partnership is often used for paid or non-paid collaboration expected to last several weeks or months. Sponsorships are generally paid.

  3. How to manage an influencer campaign effectively?
    An effective influencer campaign can be managed in several steps. First, careful planning and strategizing is crucial followed by finding relevant influencers, which Gushcloud is here for. Since we have a pool of influencers, we do the shortlisting and reaching out  for your brand. The necessary next steps are coordinating the campaign and measuring its results.

  4. How to establish connections with real influencers?
    Establishing solid and scalable connections with influencers can be a real challenge. But Gushcloud finds the relevant influencers and content creators from the rosters of our digital talents.

    Matching is crucial at this point because we want to include only the influencers who have a genuine interest in your brand. Expectations must be guided, so these will be talked about openly. The campaign will be discussed, including its goals and what the brand and influencers expect to get from the campaign. All these ensure a long-term partnership, which is what we want for both the brands and influencers.

  5. How can Gushcloud assist in influencer discovery and management?
    Gushcloud has 11 offices worldwide: Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Greater China, and the United States of America. We are 250 employees strong. Gushcloud Agency is perfectly positioned to learn about the rising stars in various niches. We tap into their representation and management, including providing content production assistance.

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