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EY selects 18 female entrepreneurs for the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women Asia Pacific class of 2024

Female entrepreneurs selected by EY, forming 2024 cohort.

Ernst & Young (EY) has named 18 female entrepreneurs to become members of the EY Entrepreneurial Winning Women™ Asia-Pacific class of 2024. The bespoke executive programme, which was launched in 2008, identifies and champions a select group of entrepreneurs with high potential and who have built profitable companies.

According to EY, the programme will provide these entrepreneurs with the connections and resources needed to unlock their potential and scale their companies sustainably.

This year’s cohort focused on entrepreneurs specialising in crucial global challenges. 

“This programme aims to help empower female entrepreneurs, dismantling obstacles and propelling them towards global leadership. We champion women’s successes not only on designated occasions but consistently offering our unwavering support to fuel their aspirations and foster a brighter tomorrow for all,” says Claire Cardno, EY Asia-Pacific Risk Management Leader and EY Asia-Pacific Women Fast Forward Executive Sponsor. 

These selected talented individuals represent a diverse number of countries, including Australia, Japan, Malaysia and many others from the Asia-Pacific Region. Among these selected entrepreneurs are Singapore’s Althea Lim and Olive Tai. Both Lim and Tai were part of the winners of the firm’s 22nd EY Entrepreneur Of The Year (EOY) 2023 Singapore awards.

According to EY, these remarkable entrepreneurs are key decision-makers within their organisations and demonstrate remarkable attributes such as leadership and determination, contributing to their overall professional capabilities. This has enabled these outstanding entrepreneurs to excel, creating development within their enterprises. EY reports that these companies have raised a collective revenue of more than US$1.3 billion ($1.75 billion) in 2023 and provided employment to over 6,000 individuals. 

The selected entrepreneurs are: 

  • Jeanette Cheah (Australia), Co-founder and CEO of HEX

  • Jodi Geddes (Australia), Co-founder of Circle In

  • Lina Xu (Australia), Co-founder and COO of Telecare Australia Pty Ltd.

  • Xiu Chai (Greater China), Founder and CEO of Shanghai Milkground Food Tech Co., Ltd.

  • Fei Chen (Greater China), CEO and Co-founder of Shanghai Linmon Media Co., Ltd

  • Ning Dong (Greater China), Founder and CEO of Bamboocloud Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Lidan Liu (Greater China), Founder and CEO of HOTO

  • Anne Ma (Greater China), Co-founder and CEO of Shukun Technology   

  • Dr. Fang Nan (Greater China), Chairwoman, Co-founder and CEO of Singleron Biotechnologies Co., Ltd.

  • Mitsuki Bun (Japan), Founder and CEO of Losszero Co., Ltd.

  • Kiki Usui (Japan), Founder and CEO of Hubbit,inc

  • Shiona Yukimura (Japan), CEO of Willumina Inc.

  • Ooi Lay Pheng (Malaysia), Group CEO and Executive Director of L&P Global Berhad and CEO of Berjayapak Sdn Bhd

  • Datuk Anna Teo (Malaysia), Founder and Group CEO of Hernan Corporation Sdn Bhd

  • Althea Lim (Singapore), Co-founder and Group CEO of Gushcloud International

  • Olive Tai (Singapore), Managing Director and Co-founder of Synagie Pte Ltd.

  • Fay Cho (South Korea), Chairman and CEO of DAWON & Company Co., Ltd.

  • Sandamini Perera (Sri Lanka), Co-founder and Co-Chair, Prime Group and Executive Chairperson, Prime Lands Residencies PLC

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