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GC, Summer, launch HANJAN into the Singapore retail market through a partnership with Guardian

The brand finds its way home after being launched by female Singaporeans. Its leading product HANJAN Recharge Booster Jelly is backed by Nicole Scherzinger

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, May 8, 2023 / -- Gushcloud International, a global creator and entertainment company that has co-invested into a premium wellness and lifestyle brand, HANJAN alongside sister company Summer International has launched the brand into the Singapore retail market via an exclusive partnership with Guardian.

We launched HANJAN with a wellness on-the-go mentality to help this generation feel and perform their best at all times. It combines nature and science to offer maximum benefits.”— Xiaoshi Kuik, Co-Founder and Brand Principal of HANJAN

HANJAN Recharge Booster Jelly, the leading detox and anti-hangover jelly stick in Asia and US, enters the Singapore retail market through an exclusive partnership with Guardian, the country’s top health and beauty retailer with over 100 stores nationwide. This in-store presence will boost the brand’s profile as consumers can now purchase it from a total of 76 Guardian stores, including high-traffic locations like Raffles City, Ion Orchard, Bugis Junction, and Jewel Changi Airport. Guardian has the country’s largest network of award-winning pharmacists with a comprehensive range of over 200 health and beauty products.

In a recent McKinsey report “The Future Of Wellness”, wellness is now a $1.5 trillion market globally and growing at 5-10 percent each year. It also mentions that people are reading a lot more labels, looking to reduce sugar and looking for more sustainable eating. About 35% of consumers in the UK, the US and Germany are drinking plant-based milk at least some of the time, and half of them started in the last year. It is also noted that more and more young Singaporeans care about their health and fitness both mentally and physically and the purchasing of new format wellness products are on the rise.

“We launched HANJAN with a wellness on-the-go mentality to help this generation feel and perform their best at all times. It combines nature and science to offer maximum benefits for consumers who want to optimise their lifestyles without sacrificing health and wellness. We are excited to partner with Guardian as it is the leading retail network in Singapore’s beauty and wellness industry. Their network of stores and pharmacists would be a great boost for HANJAN’s visibility and legitimacy as the recommended booster jelly for Singaporeans,” says Xiaoshi Kuik, Co-Founder and Brand Principal of HANJAN.

Through Gushcloud, HANJAN has been able to grow their influencer and celebrity community healthily. Some celebrities who have been spotted enjoying HANJAN Recharge Booster Jelly are content creators Bretman Rock - top Filipino-American influencer, and Novita Lam - local Singaporean influencer amongst others during a Coachella party last year. Top music personalities like Snoop Dogg, Russell Simmons, BIA, Laurie Marqueton have also tried it and are part of the community. Former Pussycat Dolls lead singer, dancer, TV personality, and fitness enthusiast Nicole Scherzinger got involved as a strategic advisor and investment partner last year.

“We co-invested into HANJAN with our sister company Summer International who incubated and created the brand. Through the Gushcloud ecosystem of celebrities, content creators and influencers, we were able to seed the product to a large community and were able to grow a steady stream of buyers online. Partnering with Guardian is an affirmation for the team that we were able to use our creators to create marketing hype for a brand and be able to bring it into offline retail. In the next 18 months, we hope to announce a major pop star who will be joining the team, and be able to create more HANJAN experiential pop ups for the community both in LA and in Asia,” adds Andrew Lim, Group CFO of Gushcloud International.

To add excitement to the launch, fans of the HANJAN Recharge Booster Jelly can enjoy 10% off until 31 May for every purchase. The HANJAN Recharge Booster Jelly comes in either a box of 10 sticks, a blister pack of 2 sticks, or a box of 10 blister packs.

For more information, visit and follow (Instagram and TikTok), as well as @guardiansg (Instagram) and @guardian_sg (TikTok). Fans can also join in on the conversation using the hashtags #HANJANRechargeJelly and #GuardianSG.

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