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Gushcloud International Concludes Capital and Business Alliance with Tokyo eSports Gate, Inc.

Gushcloud Tokyo Esports Gate, Inc. Partnership

20 September 2021 // Gushcloud International, a global talent agency and entertainment group, has concluded a capital and business alliance with Tokyo eSports Inc. which develops a business that combines real and digital aspects of esports in the entertainment field based in Tokyo Tower.

With this alliance, Gushcloud International and Gushcloud Japan Co. Ltd. which is a Japanese branch of Gushcloud led by its CEO, Hiroaki Sawa, have decided to work exclusively and jointly with Tokyo eSports Gate regarding sponsorship marketing to expand the esports business.

Background and Future of the Capital and Business Alliance

Gushcloud International has 11 countries around the world, with over 300 exclusive talents and a combined global roster of over 60,000 influencers. Gushcloud Japan was established in 2000 as a joint venture between NTT DoCoMo and Dentsu. They concluded a capital and business alliance with D2C Inc. and started working in October 2017. Currently, they have entered the esports business and are expanding the management and planning of e-sports professional teams, streamers and events globally. The Gushcloud Group has connections to more than 20,000 brands and advertising agencies worldwide.

Tokyo eSports Gate (TEG) has been developing "RED ° TOKYO TOWER" in the commercial area of ​​Tokyo Tower, aiming for a place where everyone can have an unprecedented experience. In addition to enriching popular game titles and entertainment content, TEG is pursuing hardware and software contents that make full use of the latest technology in various experiences inside the facility.

The network of Gushcloud's global business partners, brands, exclusive talents, esports players, and streamers is poised to collaborate with Tokyo eSports Gate that globally disseminates e-sports x entertainment. With esports being a booming global industry and rapidly evolving, the global collaboration between Gushcloud and Tokyo eSports Gate is found to be most opportune. The capital and business alliance will involve synergies between the two companies in the esports business and sponsorship marketing area of Tokyo eSports Gate.

Shares Hiroaki Sawa of Gushcloud Japan, "We are excited to kickstart this partnership with Tokyo eSports Gate to support the company in building an iconic arena in the heart of Tokyo City dedicated to eSports and gaming. At Gushcloud, we believe in the future of gaming and gaming talent. We want to bridge and broker exciting opportunities for brands that have a growing interest in this category and audience to be able to strike effective partnerships and sponsorships with Tokyo eSports gate. We look forward to this relationship with our Japanese partners".

Tokyo eSports Gate will continue to expand the circle of new experience creation through collaboration with companies and organizations related to eSports


Under the slogan "New enthusiasm for Japanese play.", utilizing the vast site area of about 5,600 ㎡ of the commercial area of Tokyo Tower, which is the icon of “TOKYO JAPAN”, the team of Tokyo Esports Gate has been developing a large esports stadium in collaboration with the facilities near Tokyo Tower. The grand opening is scheduled for April 2022.

At this stadium, they plan and design the entire facility as one entertainment space, setting as main target not only the core fans of esports but also "men and women in their late teens to early 30s who are sensitive to the latest trends". They are planning a facility that covers killer content unique to Japan centered on esports. Furthermore, as a transmission base for esports that links not only offline but also online digital media, they will deliver the esports experience that excites the whole of Japan from Tokyo Tower.


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