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Gushcloud International Signs and Represents Key Cast of Hit Netflix Show, Bling Empire Cast

Kane Lim and Cherie Chan signs on

4 March 2021 // Following the release of Netflix’s new hit reality series, Bling Empire—which dropped in January—has been gaining traction and piqued the interest of many, into the lives of the real crazy rich Asians.

In light of their sky-rocketing popularity, especially in the digital space, key members of the Bling Empire cast have signed with Singapore-based digital talent agency group, Gushcloud International, to represent them for key brand deals in the Asia Pacific territory. These members include Singapore’s very own Kane Lim, as well as Chinese American Cherie Chan. Concurrently, the agency will also be assisting in managing and building up these cast members’ social media platforms in China; kickstarting with Kane Lim first.

“We have received much love from our audiences in Asia Pacific. By working together with Gushcloud, we hope to be able to engage effectively with our fans and to work with key brands based out here in the region,” said Mr Kane Lim, social media influencer, real estate developer, cast of Bling Empire.

“We have known Kane and the rest for a while now. We are excited to be working alongside the cast and helping them pave the way into the East. As an agency, our goals are set in enhancing the vibrancy and diversity of the global influencer scene. We think this move is a great opportunity for more cross-border brand collaborations and for the cast to engage with their fan base in Asia,” said Mr Jared Kong, General Manager of Gushcloud International (USA).

Having always been an advocate for bridging the East and West, Mr Russell Simmons (who sits as the President of the Group) added that entertainment should be the platform to bridge cultures together. He believes that Gushcloud being headquartered in Singapore, a multi-lingual and trusted hub, the agency is in the perfect position to tackle this—starting with creating true sustainability in digital talent careers for a diverse range of talents to spread positive influence.


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