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Gushcloud International: Three Overlooked Influencer and Celebrity Marketing Challenges, & Techn...

...iques to Bridge the Gap

AdAsia Seoul 2023, the largest marketing and advertising conference in Asia, recently gathered over 50 speakers from global organizations to discuss and share intriguing marketing perspectives with themes of "The Digital Race" and "Ready, Set, and Transform."

Also dubbed as “The K-Insightful Digital Marketing Festival,” AdAsia offered marketing strategy tactics through creative media and advertising, amid the growing influence of Artificial Intelligence and K-Culture to brands and businesses.

"When brands begin marketing with content creators, they need a comprehensive understanding of the market, platforms, content, and the identity of influencers or celebrities, and ensure their target audience before proceeding. This is to ensure that brands don’t encounter problems related to content creators or celebrities not effectively conveying their brand story or key message. However, fundamental aspects of marketing campaigns are often overlooked, leading to deviations from the initially planned objectives,” Mr. Nirote explained.

Furthermore, he shared three overlooked influencer marketing challenges:

1. Lack of platform understanding:

Brands often lack an understanding of social media platforms or media consumption trends. This deficiency can result in misaligned content planning that fails to meet customer needs.

Using inappropriate messages for a specific platform can lead to ineffective communication. Additionally, some content or strategies may not be suitable for every platform, causing brands to miss opportunities to communicate with their target audience well and right.

When brands begin marketing with content creators, they need a comprehensive understanding of the market, platforms, content, and the identity of influencers or celebrities, and even target audience.”— Nirote (May) Chaweewannakorn

2. Unattractive content:

Using key messages that don’t resonate with or engage customers due to a lack of market understanding and insufficient consumer behavior research can lead to ineffective communication. Therefore, brand communication must answer customer questions clearly and understand the market thoroughly.

3. Inadequate communication with influencers:

Selecting influencers who do not align with content strategies and are primarily chosen based on follower count can lead to a mismatch between the brand's story or message and the influencer's personal identity. Additionally, a lack of understanding of the influencer's audience can hinder effective communication.

To counter those, he also discussed Three Techniques to Bridge the Gap and Achieve Significant Results in Influencer and Celebrity Marketing:

1. Understand Platforms:

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, more than 49.6% of brands and marketing experts cite views, reach, and impressions as primary metrics for measuring the success of influencer marketing campaigns. Understanding the nature of the platform, algorithms, and AI operations is essential for selecting the most suitable platform for a brand. This understanding should be consumer-based and is a fundamental aspect of long-term strategy planning for more effective brand communication.

2. Understand Content:

Understanding which content suits a brand and what type of communication is most effective is essential. Identifying clear communication points that resonate with the audience and address pain points helps communicate the brand's message effectively. The most crucial aspect is making the brand message memorable to customers beyond just selling products or services directly.

3. Understand Influencers & Audiences:

As a study survey, More than 80% of marketing professionals acknowledge the effectiveness of influencer marketing in reaching customers. Therefore, understanding the core value of influencers or celebrities is crucial for selecting content creators and understanding the followers who align with the brand. This not only helps brands effectively reach their audience but also facilitates clear and focused communication.

In addition, Influencer Marketing Hub Report predicts that influencer marketing trends in 2024 will become even more intriguing due to increased demand, with marketing professionals budgeting approximately over $7.14 billion or 2.5 Billion baht in total for influencer marketing campaigns. Nano and micro-influencers are expected to gain a 3.69% increase in reach, surpassing macro-influencers.

Furthermore, the overall influencer marketing market in 2024 is projected to grow to over $22.3 trillion, or $790 billion baht approximately in the Southeast Asia Business-to-Business market (B2B). Influencer marketing will continue to grow due to the interconnected world of social media and content, making it an ever-evolving market. Brands need to be prepared by understanding the techniques and channels that will help bridge the gap in brand marketing.

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