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Gushcloud invests in theatrical production by YouTube duo

Gushcloud Entertainment, the entertainment group under Gushcloud International, has invested in the first theatrical production by Singaporean YouTubers Munah Bagharib and Hirzi Zulkiflie.

Community-led youth arts enterprise Invasion Singapore has also invested in the production, which will feature characters from the duo’s YouTube channel “MunahHirziOfficial”, marking their first offline initiative. There will also be live performances of the pair’s classic parody numbers, along with special guest appearances comprising local YouTube and comedy talents.

Bagharib and Zulkiflie are known for their guerilla-styled videos, attempting dares on their YouTube channel and music video parodies, such as their cover of Nicki Minaj’s 2014 hit “Anaconda”. According to the press statement, the duo gained popularity over the years since their channel’s launch in 2007, for showcasing their unconventional yet unique sense of humour in their videos.

Althea Lim, CEO, Gushcloud Entertainment, explained that with the company’s initial investment, it hopes to work closely with the duo and their team to create more travelling shows and future products. This is in a bid to successfully bridge more online and offline initiatives.

“Bagharib and Zulkiflie have built a unique brand of what their content and IP have stood for in the last 10 years. Our job at Gushcloud Entertainment was to think of how we can support these two local individual young talents to create more scalable projects around an existing online channel with strong IP,” Lim added.

“Being only on YouTube was and still is difficult. Singapore, with our population size, only has enough space for the sustainability of the top 10 YouTube channels. At the same time, we have also wanted to build out other aspects of what MunahHirzi stood for as a brand. Digital was a stepping stone for us, and we are now excited to pursue the next phase of our careers. Through this first theatre show, we want to celebrate what we’ve built, and celebrate the friendships and connections we’ve gained over the years through MunahHirziOfficial,” Bagharib said.


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