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Gushcloud Japan, PERSOL launch esports event PERSOL esports CUP in Tokyo

Gushcloud Japan, PERSOL launch esports event PERSOL esports CUP in Tokyo

TOKYO, JAPAN, March 30, 2023/ -- PERSOL HOLDINGS CO., LTD (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takao Wada), a comprehensive human resources company, and Gushcloud Japan CO., LTD (Country Director: Hiroaki Sawa) will hold an esports event called “PERSOL esports CUP” on March 31.

This event is a custom tournament for public participation, consisting of two parts: a Preliminary Tournament and a Main Tournament.

Based on the concept of "individual players x esports teams," the event will focus on the teams and individual players who participate in the event from the general public, providing them with a unique and valuable experience, including direct confrontation, coaching, and dialogue with professional players and streamers.

In addition, the champions of the Main Tournament will receive merchandise autographed by Crazy Raccoon members, one of Japan's top gaming teams with top-level skills and influence, and exclusive talking sessions.

PERSOL esports CUP

The PERSOL Group aims to help individuals realize fulfilling lives through their work by providing tailored support at each stage of life, and reexamining the values we hold in relation to work, including finding fulfillment, supporting diverse work styles, and seeking opportunities for recurrent education.

In recent years, esports has attracted attention as a viable profession that goes beyond hobbies and entertainment, as the number of players and spectators has greatly expanded. There are students and professionals who are interested in working in the esports industry but do not know what exactly they are doing, or who want to become a professional player or streamer but do not have a clear image of their career path.

By connecting these people with industry and professional players, PERSOL and Gushcloud aim to expand the happiness of individuals by broadening each person's options and expanding the freedom to work. The PERSOL Group contributes to the development of the esports industry in order to make working in the esports industry an option for the future.

The First PERSOL esports CUP

The First PERSOL esports CUP will feature members of Crazy Raccoon as well as the world's most popular battle royale FPS game, Apex Legends.

Mondo, Cpt, and Mainy, three former professional players who are now active as streamers and have been at the forefront of the "Apex Legends" competitive scene, will each hold a preliminary match and compete directly against teams from the general public. Additionally, they will coach the winning teams directly to prepare them for the main tournament.

In addition to the three online gamers, popular members of Crazy Raccoon, including Wokka, will appear offline as guests and compete in the tournament along with the general teams. Other guest information will be announced later on the official Twitter page, @persol_esports.


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