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Gushcloud Japan, RELATION X launch Apex Legends Mobile division

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

The team consists of four members with various achievements in Apex Legends and other FPS game titles!

TOKYO, KANTō, JAPAN, August 18, 2022 / -- Gushcloud Japan and its capital and business alliance partner RELATION X have newly established a professional team for the battle royale shooting game "Apex Legends Mobile."

Members of team RELATION X include “Leo Shirogane,” former Japanese representative of Apex Legends, "Toob," former pro-esports team SCARZ member of PUBG Mobile, "Liz," world ranked 2nd in Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 opening, and "INSANE."

I will do my best to liven up the pro-esports scene of Apex Legends Mobile!”
— Magaretsu, Team Owner (Representative of RELATION X)

Team Information

Team name: RELATION X

Team operators: Gushcloud Japan Inc., RELATION X Inc.

Team representative: Magaretsu 2nd

Media Partner: eSports News Japan

Apex Legends Mobile Division Player Information


Twitter: @_Lizx7

Achievements: Apex Legends (PC) - S11 Predator

Apex Legends (Mobile) - S0 Highest 10th in the world, 2nd in the S1 Opening World


Twitter: @Tsuoob2

Achievements: Apex Legends (Mobile) - Predator Highest 8th

PUBG Mobile - Former SCARZ member

PUBGM Galaxy Championship Winner


Twitter: @Insane_at

RELATION X e-Sports Division Representative and Player

Leo Shirogane


Achievements: Apex Legends (PC) - Former Japan National Team, AL Cup Winner, ALGS Japan & Korea 5th & 8th

Apex Legends (Mobile) - Kill Average & Average Damage Ranking 1st

Team Owner (Representative of RELATION X)



For inquiries about team sponsorship, please contact Yukiya Hayashi at

Read full story here.

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