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Gushcloud partners with Galore Magazine to activate key brands at Coachella

Gushcloud International - a global creator, content, and brand management company powered by data and technology partnered up with top magazine, Galore to launch the Galore House, a side activation on the first weekend of the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The company also brought premium Asian and celebrity-led brands to the exclusive event.

It was hosted by Gushcloud’s exclusive talent and investor, Cordell Broadus aka Champ Medici—a multifaceted entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist making waves in the Gaming and Web3 space, alongside Prince Chenoa—Galore’s founder and chief editor, and O’Neal McKnight—Gushcloud’s business director.

We hope to find deeper ways to work with these creators and brands to help them penetrate the American and global markets.” — Cordell Broadus

The event featured key brand activations put together by Gushcloud to build audience affinity with the lifestyle and fashionable influencer crowd that regularly attend Coachella. The brands included:

ISNTREE - a top Korean beauty and skincare brand that uses only natural, skin-friendly, and environment-friendly ingredients and has been activating alongside multiple influencers within the skincare category on various social media platforms. They hosted a specialised beauty bar experience.

HANJAN - a Singapore based performance wellness brand that combines traditional Asian herbal remedies and ingredients with western science. It activated a special wellness experience.

Gin & Juice - an alcohol brand co-owned by Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre that has just launched into various markets. The brand was featured in the bar.

Don Londres - a tequila brand co-owned by Post Malone and Dre London. The brand was also featured in the bar.

Dr. Bombay Ice Cream - an ice cream brand co-owned by Cordell Broadus and Snoop Dogg that serves up some of the most unique flavours. The brand created a special zone where audiences could come by, relax, and grab an ice cream.

Ubatuba Acai - a healthy acai and smoothie chain company with more than 19 locations in Los Angeles. The brand gave away free acai bowls to guests.

“As a global creator company at Gushcloud, we are excited to partner with Galore magazine team and our talent client, Cordell Broadus, to host an exciting activation alongside Coachella. This allows us to bring some of the brand clients that we have worked with in the last 12 months, to ensure that they have a presence at an influencer and content creator centric event. This allows the brands to leverage on the branding of Coachella; engage directly with some of the top influencers in lifestyle, wellness and fashion categories; start building a sticky community; and lastly enter the American markets in a meaningful way. This strategy allows us to help the brands that we work with to connect directly with top influencers. It also allows us to bridge the east and the west more effectively,” says Daisy Enggina, Global Brands Director at Gushcloud International.

Notable VIPs present were top skincare dermatologist and YouTuber Cassandra Bankson, beauty influencer James Charles, musician Bailey Spinn, models and TV personalities Clermont Twins, TikTok and YouTube star Ve’ondre Mitchell, creative director and podcaster Denzel Dion, Latina model Perla Figuereo, style/beauty expert and TV personality Jennifer Chan, and men’s skincare influencer Roger.

“When we bring brands, influencers, and celebrities from different parts of the world together, alongside a world class event like Coachella, what we are fundamentally doing is building bridges across cultures globally. I’m grateful for hosting the world’s top influencers and brands at our event together with Galore and Gushcloud. We hope to find deeper ways to work with these creators and brands to help them penetrate the American and global markets,” says Cordell Broadus.

The event hosted an invite-only crowd of no more than 700 guests as the house featured a large serene open space with fire pits, 2 pools, a gifting suite and a beauty bar experience. The event was held on Sunday, April 14, from 12pm - 6pm.

This is the second time Gushcloud has organised a party during Coachella. In 2022, it hosted HANJAN OASIS, which marked the launch of HANJAN Recharge Jelly in the US. Aside from Nicole Scherzinger and Bretman Rock, some influencers and VIPs present include Bia, Qveen Herby, Mo Heart, and Amanza Smith.

For more information, visit or @gushcloud_intl on Instagram.

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