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Online Star Jeorella Goes Global With Gushcloud

Following her big move to the United States, Jeorella expanded her brand and went global with influencer marketing agency Gushcloud.

In a YouTube video, Jeorella announced her big move to the United States to her followers and supporters. As it does with any major life change, the move did come with some sacrifices. For her, this meant quitting school, cutting deals and modifying contracts with brands, and physically leaving her Filipino followers.

However, for the 22-year-old, moving also meant opportunities for growth.

“Of course, in moving to the US, I got fewer deals from Philippine-based brands. But, my talent agency Gushcloud Philippines connected me to their counterpart in the US, and gradually, I’ve been getting international work opportunities and deals which is why I’m excited to create more content and grow my brand in the Philippines and here abroad,” she said.

Among the brands she has worked with are social networking service Ablo, award-winning beauty brand Coco & Eve, global music company 88rising, learning platform Skillshare, fashion brand SHEIN, and designer handbag brand Teddy Blake.

“Since Gushcloud Philippines signed Jeorella, we’ve seen her grow in the influencer industry. International brands and clients are looking to work with her because of what she can bring to the table: her engaged online community and her authenticity,” said Jamie Paraso, Country Director of Gushcloud Philippines. “Good thing Gushcloud is also present across key countries in Asia, Australia, including the US, allowing us to support and help Jeorella with her goal of being the next global online star.”

But, her plans do not end there. Now, with a clear vision of her goals, Jeorella is looking to drop new merch for her loyal fans and to produce content not only for YouTube, but also for Facebook and Instagram so more people can see the new and improved her.

For more of her life in the US, watch and subscribe to Jeorella here.

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