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We recently learned of a fraudulent WhatsApp account and Telegram page (“GUSHCLOUD AH 903”) with individuals posing as employees or falsely claiming to represent Gushcloud International.

These individuals solicit the help of members to like and follow social media accounts and pay a certain amount in exchange for monetary rewards, and use false offers of interviews/employment.

Gushcloud International, its affiliates, and all its employees have absolutely no involvement with these fraudulent activities and will make no such solicitations from the public. All official transactions are made via Gushcloud International’s verified social media accounts and official email. Similarly, all employment opportunities are done through Gushcloud International’s Human Resources Team, which handles all communications via the official Gushcloud email.

We strongly advise the public to disregard and report these individuals and to refrain from sharing personal or financial information to anonymous profiles posing as our company.

If you receive any suspicious messages or transactions, contact us immediately at the following channels:

Thank you.


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