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Russell Simmons propels Gushcloud presence in LA, hunts under represented talent

Global digital talent and marketing group Gushcloud International and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons have launched GC Studios, a global entertainment company, production studio and talent management firm. Based in Los Angeles, California, the launch follows Simmons’ appointment as Gushcloud's president and the company's US$11m funding for global growth in 2019.

As president, Simmons has helped the organisation expand its portfolio of US-based talents and clients. Together with Gushcloud and group CEO Althea Lim, Simmons facilitated the setup of Gushcloud’s talent agency headquarters in Los Angeles, as well as key offices in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and New York. Gushcloud now boasts 15 offices in 11 countries, including its headquarters in Singapore. Read full story.

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