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Science Centre Singapore and Gushcloud Entertainment partner for art exhibition

Science Centre Singapore has collaborated with Gushcloud Entertainment to engage eight local youth artists to host the annual Visual Playground art tech exhibition at Visual SG, a visualisation festival based in Southeast Asia.

According to a press statement, this is the first local intellectual property exhibition piece that Gushcloud will co-own with Science Centre Singapore. Titled “Light Field”, the art exhibition is curated by Gushcloud Entertainment and will showcase art pieces inspired by art and science elements.

The art pieces were drawn by freshmen and young artists who had recently graduated from local art institutions. Through the move, the Centre looks to show its support for local talent in the field. “Light Field” also intends to collaborate with other venue owners or media partners to reproduce the experience in other cities within Southeast Asia.

The local young artists featured are: Priyageetha Dia, LASALLE College of the Arts graduate; Muhammad Amirul, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts undergraduate; Howie Kim, LASALLE College of the Arts undergraduate; Tan Yang, Singapore-based multi-disciplinary artist, photographer and producer; Sylvester Tan, Viena Lee, King Lam and Bridgel Sze, School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University.

“We have seen the recent successes of many art science exhibitions within Southeast Asia. We have also noticed that Singapore is growing a large pool of young artists and an audience size that is becoming more involved in the arts. We decided then, that one of our first projects would be to represent young local artists who are growing in influence, and to curate an exhibition alongside them to be hosted at Science Centre Singapore,” Fai Francis, tours and festivals director, Gushcloud Entertainment, said.

“We are excited to feature and support these young local artists for the first time at Visual Playground. As part of the 40th anniversary of Science Centre Singapore, we hope to continue to inspire greater creativity and innovation in the next 40 and beyond,” Lim Tit Meng, chief executive, Science Centre Singapore, said.


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