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SINGAPORE, December 10, 2021 / -- ALMGHTY, a gaming and lifestyle label under Gushcloud International, battles for supremacy at the Call of Duty Mobile (CODM) World Championship on December 11-12, 2021.

One of the top mobile games in the world, CODM’s biggest tournament backed by Xperia from Sony has returned with the much coveted $2,000,000 USD prize pool. The anticipated West Finals was concluded last December 4-5 with Tribe Gaming from North America emerging the victor. The weekend of December 11-12 will witness the East Finals with ALMGHTY competing with the other 11 top teams of the Eastern region (South Asia and the Middle East, Japan, Southeast Asia, and China). The 12 teams will form two groups and battle it out over two days to crown the singular ultimate East champion.

Like most esports tournaments, CODM had to contend with pandemic realities and along with it, travel protocol horrors and challenges hence, the original planned world showdown in the offline format was cancelled and instead, the entire battle royale will ensue online, particularly YouTube and Facebook on multiple languages.

This year, the ALMGHTY CODM players backed by its team sponsors Coinhako and 2CrazyNFT consist of a relatively young set of rising gaming superstars: Heaven (Tee SiJun), Sh4d4p (Arifin Salim), IrfanJ (Irfan Jaffri), Adapt (Min Khant Thu) led by their able captain, Incendio (Toh Jun Hui). From an amateur team, the former Divinity Esports group

now rebranded ALMGHTY stuck together as one unit to dominate Singapore’s scene since the launch of the Call of Duty Mobile AAA-title. In less than a year, AMT began conquering the Southeast Asian region and became a fan favorite for every major esports event.

“We have been the tournament darling and we are proud of this favored position as Southeast Asia is the most competitive region in the mobile esports universe. ALMGHTY surprised everyone at the Southeast Asian Qualifiers through undefeated dominance with an 8 win streak to close off the series,” shares ALMGHTY Co-Founder and team owner, Billy


Essentially a story of how Singaporean youths with a passion can bring their gaming dream alive, ALMGHTY’s journey into the CODM World Championship stage is likened to David entering Goliath’s lair. However, as a humble team founded by a community, brought to life by an entrepreneur and backed by a global company, it may well be that ALMGHTY will rise from becoming just a tournament favorite or outliers from Asia to young, formidable giants themselves in the esports scene.



As a gaming and lifestyle label under Gushcloud International, ALMGHTY operates regionally as a gaming talent agency managing the best in Asia. Founded in 2019 and rebranded at the start of 2021, ALMGHTY’s talent roster features exclusive esports teams from Call of Duty Mobile, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, FreeFire, and creators such as Sky

Wee from Singapore and Yuka Kuroyanagi from Japan/Philippines.

ALMGHTY’s aim is to incorporate lifestyle into gaming content and making it home to the best talents and its boundless fanbase. For more information about ALMGHTY, please visit

Discord ( | Instagram (@amt.almghty) | Facebook (

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