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The 3rd Apex Mobile Official Event marks the start of the new season of Apex Legends Mobile

It is a match-based tournament event with 20 teams led by mobile FPS game streamers, and is full of information about Season 3 “CHAMPIONS.”

TOKYO, JAPAN, November 2, 2022/ / -- Gushcloud Japan Co., Ltd. and RELATION X Co., Ltd., a capital and business alliance partner, announced that Apex Legends Mobile “Champion Match” will be held on November 3, 2022, Thursday, 8 P.M.

Apex Legends Mobile, the long-awaited big title for mobile game users, launched its newest season “CHAMPIONS” last October 19.

Season 3 “CHAMPIONS” features the legendary Ash (well-known to Apex Legends players) and Fade’s mobile-exclusive evolved melee weapon “Super Eternal.” The rotation feature for the two maps “Kings Canyon” and “World’s Edge” has also been added, and there are other new modes and new events.

To celebrate the start of the new season of Apex Legends Mobile, the event will be held to boost the excitement of Season 3 “CHAMPIONS” with a variety of attractions and new elements, with a total of 20 teams led by famous Apex Legends streamers and mobile FPS game players.

Event Name: Apex Legends Mobile - Champion Match

Event Details: Point-based match between 20 teams led by mobile game players.

Date and time: Thursday, November 3, 2022, 20:00

Game title: Apex Legends Mobile

Distributed to: Electronic Arts Japan

Organizer: Electronic Arts

Planning and Management Cooperation: Gushcloud Japan Inc. and RELATION X Inc.

Media partner: eSports News Japan

Guest Appearances: To be announced on Apex Legends Mobile Japan official Twitter

Total of 60 streamers & participants from the general public


About Gushcloud Japan Gushcloud Japan is a Japanese subsidiary of Gushcloud International, an influencer marketing and entertainment company with a network of more than 60,000 influencers in Europe, the United States, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. We entered into a capital and business alliance with D2C Co., Ltd., which was established in 2000 as a JV between DOCOMO and Dentsu, and started operations in October 2017.

We connect consumers and brands with influencers and content creators through advertising agency management, brand strategy, marketing, activation services, media production and distribution, licensing, and critical IP co-production in the areas of content, media, and events.

About RELATION X YouTuber “Magaretsu 2nd” took the lead in establishing an esports & streamer agency. It attracts popular YouTubers and former professional gamers, and the total number of subscribers exceeds 4 million.

RELATION X is a comprehensive management e-sports company that operates in a wide variety of locations and has esports talent.

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