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US-based ‘The Rush Fam’ joins Gushcloud, signs as first talent under its Creator Venture Program

(From left) Kameiro, Kirah, Tray, Keshia, and Cali of The Rush Fam.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Gushcloud International, a global technology-driven creator and entertainment company, announced today that it has signed The Rush Fam for exclusive representation and management. One of the biggest family YouTubers in the world, The Rush Fam includes Tray Rush and Keshia Rush with their children Kameiro, Cali, and Kirah.

This signing also marks The Rush Fam as the first talent to join the Gushcloud Creator Venture Program, which empowers premium creators to accelerate their brand and businesses via a financial investment, content licensing and distribution, and global brand building to grow The Rush Fam’s brand and businesses globally.

Gushcloud is an expert in creating great opportunities for creators like us and their presence in key US and Asian markets is important for our growth.”
— Tray and Keshia Rush

"...We’ve had enormous success over the last few years but we have the ambition to do a lot more and we believe that the team will help us get there. So we’re excited and proud to be part of a global company like Gushcloud,” said Tray and Keshia Rush.

Currently, the Rush Fam journey is chronicled across four channels, namely The Rush Fam where they share raw moments of their lives, FamousTubeFamily where they do family skits and challenges, Rush Fam Gaming where they share their love for computer games, and Cali's Playhouse for all of Cali’s fun adventures. Collectively, they have amassed over 10 million subscribers and more than six billion views on YouTube alone.

Through the CVP, The Rush Fam is working on actively diversifying their business profile. Keshia Rush is overseeing their investment properties and managing a personal care and home goods brand called Fortune & Flame. The brand offers a delightful range of family-friendly products, such as scented candles and bath bombs, available at Meanwhile, Tray Rush is building an app that aims to aid individuals with self-help and meditation. He is also be working on his first book to be released in early 2024, and will be building up a portfolio of brands that include a performance drink.

In addition to these endeavours, the studios team at Gushcloud will also assist The Rush Fam in expanding and optimising the current YouTube channels. Recently, the team developed the “Rush Life Podcast” where Tray and Keshia deep dive into topics relating to their personal, family, and married life. The team has also kickstarted a gaming channel led by Kameiro, the eldest son of the family.

“At Gushcloud, we work hard to create sustainable careers for content creators worldwide. This is why we are great supporters of The Rush Fam because they are an inspiring, creative, and loving family. We’re so excited to have them as talents and as partners for our Creator Venture Program. This partnership will allow Tray and Keshia to venture into new businesses while still having the freedom to create fresh, fun, and entertaining content with their kids for their millions of followers,” said Althea Lim, Gushcloud International Co-Founder and Group CEO.

The creator economy, which Gushcloud and The Rush Fam are part of, has exploded over the past few years and continues to do so. A recent report from Goldman Sachs Research predicts that the market will double in size from the current $250 billion to $480 billion by 2027. This growth is due to a number of reasons such as increased digital media consumption, and the emergence of new platforms such as TikTok while other platforms such as Facebook and YouTube have created new formats for sharing short-form video, live streaming, as well as other types of user-generated content.

For more about The Rush Fam, subscribe to all their YouTube channels, and follow Tray Rush on Instagram and Twitter, and Keshia Rush on Instagram and Twitter. For more information about Gushcloud, visit

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