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our story

The world we live in today is dominated by new generation creators and influencers. They have disrupted, and they have brought how we consume information to new frontiers.The next logical step is then to build a sustainable ecosystem with these creators and influencers that can meet the challenges and demands that tomorrow brings.


As such, a team dedicated to building that very eco-system was formed. The group boasts well-diversified skill sets, with lawyers, marketeers, public relations and designers working together to help creators and influencers take their next steps forward confidently.


The Gushcloud Entertainment Group (GEG) recognises the importance of innovation. We strive to work alongside creators and influencers to carry their reach and potential beyond the digital sphere.


We are a passionate and capable team who understands and respects creators and influencers. We have successfully built brands, events and products with the creators and influencers present every step of the way.

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