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current experiences

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Kami menghubungkan audiens dan pemegang merek dengan influencers dan content creators

unit pemasaran dan periklanan Gushcloud International adalah pemimpin dalam pemasaran influencer dan memberikan pengaruh dari merek kepada konsumen.


Sneakertopia is a massive sneaker and street art exhibit that transports guests through a series of immersive, mind-blowing galleries celebrating the art and culture of sneakers — a story of creativity, self-expression and innovation.
Gushcloud represents Sneakertopia globally and holds onto the Asia Pacific license exclusively.
Sneakertopia previously participated through a pop-up at the Chongqing Jiebeifang International Consumer Festival and a pop-up experience at Culture Cartel in Singapore in December 2022.
It was recently showcased at ArtScience Museum from June to July 2023. 

HANJAN Health Club

An exclusive by invite only creator-focused event to reset & recharge during the summer season on July 15 2023.
The event will feature our specialty themed high energy wellness activities & highly curated activations hosted by top creators to prepare us for a major Summer! 

HANJAN is a next generation performance wellness brand for passionate individuals who love to work hard and play harder without compromising their health.
The HANJAN legacy aims to reinvent age-old oriental ingredients with an upgraded twist to match today’s modern lifestyles. We combine Asian Herbs + Western Science + Creator Ambassadors to build a top notch wellness brand that helps you perform your best. 

Champ Medici Lounge

The Champ Medici Lounge is a luxurious pop up lounge that happens during major events and festivals globally. 

Hosted by the Champ Medici himself and his Medici Family.The Champ Medici Lounge is a luxurious pop up lounge that happens during major events and festivals globally. 

Hosted by the Champ Medici himself and his Medici Family.

The Champ Medici Lounge aims to bring the best of Crypto, NFT, Web 3.0 founders, creators, creatives & investors globally together.

Escape Rooms

The Science Centre Board, HOW Drama, and Gushcloud International present a one-of-a-kind escape room experience to promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) literacy in a fun and engaging way to the masses, specifically the young adults.

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past experiences

Influence Asia

Influence Asia is a go-to media brand that defines Asia’s Influencer power list. In partnership with Rolling Stone Korea, it’s both an online and offline celebration of Asian juggernauts who have helped shape the content creator economy today.  

Its inaugural awards show was held in Singapore, with 3,000 attendees. The second was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with 5,000 attendees. Gushcloud International produced, marketed, scripted, and managed both shows.

Open Circles
Open Circles designs thought-provoking environments and experiences to inspire and empower thought leaders, groundbreakers, and industry experts to champion positive change. 
Organised by Gushcloud in partnership with the National Youth Council, NOW is home to Singapore's largest youth "unconference" seeking to inspire youth to be future-minded, develop themselves in their respective career paths, and build towards their aspirations in various industries.
NOW serves as a platform where bright young minds gather to engage in a process of self-exploration and self-discovery. On top of the “unconference,” NOW also engages youths through different channels, including live-streaming, podcasts, videos, and social media content. NOW is open to youths of all backgrounds and disciplines. 
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current content IPs

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The NXT Level
At one point in our lives, we’ve all wondered: “What’s next?” We’ve talked to friends, colleagues, and family to help us find our purpose. It turns out it doesn’t have to be complicated.
  • Youtube
The NXT Level has 45.1K subscribers and over 588,712 views to date.
The Backstage Bunch

A non-scripted show featuring millennials from different stages of life, sharing their views and opinions on love, relationships, taboos, and everything in between, down to whatever’s hot in the current media.

  • Youtube

The Backstage Bunch has 90k subscribers and over 15 million views to date.

The Sunbae Club

'Sunbae' is the Korean word for upperclassmen or senior. In this channel, Korean Sunbaes introduce and highlight the authentic Korean experience.

  • Youtube
Sunbae Club currently has over 240K subscribers and more than 26 million views.

Best of Manila

Best of Manila is undoubtedly the platform for budding Manileños -  a community that showcases the best of what the Metro has to offer from culture to places, to sites and food. 

  • Facebook

Best of Manila has 368,000 followers on Facebook


Made For Moms, By Moms


MomCenter is a free online resource and community where Filipino moms get meaningful content and practical information for navigating motherhood and womanhood in a modern world.

  • Facebook

MomCenter has 367,000 followers on Facebook

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past content IPs

Our Boring Life

Our Boring Life is a new New York-based content house that aims to be a powerful collective of multifaceted influencers. 


This pool of digital stars is headlined by its founding creator Johnny Valentine, who together with rising TikTok heartthrobs have collectively amassed close to 11 million TikTok followers and over 195 million likes.

The OBL squad will be seasonally joined by rotating cast members from all over the world who have formidable followings on social media.

  • Youtube
Our Boring Life currently has over 9.31K subscribers and more than 3 million views.
Oasis Club

Oasis Club is the world's first web 3.0 wellness membership club. It seeks to reimagine the meaning of wellness through the ethos of web 3.0 values.


Oasis Club is a community of creators and entrepreneurs who are aspirational, high-performing, risk-taking, and innovative. The collective believes that wellness of the mind, body, and soul is the greatest asset to sustained, high performance that enables everyone to pursue their passion. 

Membership to the Oasis Club is granted via a Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) on the Ethereum blockchain. This NFT allows access to the Oasis Club's wellness-driven ecosystem of cultural and social experiences worldwide in the physical and virtual spaces.

Masterminds of Hiphop

  • Instagram

Masterminds of Hip Hop is an NFT collection created to honour and celebrate the original pioneers of Hip Hop who turned it into the multi-billion dollar industry the world loves today.


ALMGHTY is a leading gaming & entertainment organisation. 

It boasts talents from different Southeast Asian countries including SkyWee, Reirachu, Incendio, and Anubis XIII from Singapore, Yuka Kuroyanagi, Shaira Ortille, Cherizawa, and Nexplay from the Philippines, Reza Auditore from Indonesia, and HEAVY from Vietnam.

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