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브랜드들과 파트너들, 그리고 전세계의 인플루언서를 연결하다

Gushcloud International의 마케팅 및 광고는 인플루언서 마케팅에서 선도적인 역할을 하고 있으며 소비자들에게 브랜드들을 연결한다.



types of brand influencers

The types of brand influencers are equally diverse. Also, the definition of a brand influencer will depend on the source. Nonetheless, one common way to categorize brand influencers is through their reach.

  • nano brand influencers (10K followers or less)

Nano brand influencers tend to be locally famous. They create quality content that achieves the highest possible engagement rates. Their influence and reach may be low, but their impact can be huge.

Brands can capitalize on the levels of intimacy between the nano influencers and their followers. Not to mention how these influencers invest in creating relatable content. Consumers want to connect with people who share the same experience and can empathize with them, and these are the nano influencers.

However, brands must work with nano brand influencers who already have collaboration experiences because of their limited reach. The brands need to guide the nano influencers also as a way to ensure that the campaign aligns with their identity, values, and goals.

  • micro brand influencers (10K to 100K followers)

Micro brand influencers are the most common influencers on social media right now. Their smaller reach makes it possible to specialize content, making them more trusted by their followers. And their followers are usually extremely loyal and highly engaged.

Because their target audience is highly particular, their campaigns are very intimate. That’s why they are more likely to generate convert-ready leads than macro and mega influencers.

Brands must look into their campaign requirements before collaborating with micro influencers. There’s a good chance of working with several micro brand influencers simultaneously for maximized results. This may mean extra work for the brands due to varying briefs and review cycles.

  • macro brand influencers (100K to 1M followers)

Macro brand influencers have nurtured strong followership over the years. They know these followers on a relatively personal level, spending years understanding what their followers like and don’t like. Since they prioritize the connection they have with their followers, they are usually careful with their collaborations.

If your brand operates within a targeted niche with a very targeted audience, it is best to work with macro brand influencers. Their engagement rates are high enough to drive awareness and conversions. They also create content that resonates best with their audience.

Brands must understand the influencers’ niche and audience. So they can build a campaign that aligns with what their followers want to see from these influencers.

  • mega brand influencers (1M+ followers)

You’ve probably encountered a mega influencer一they usually have celebrity status. Mega influencers are perfect for influencer marketing whose goal is brand awareness. They can reach a massive audience almost instantaneously.

Aside from the vast audience’s extensive impact, mega brand influencers render a level of exclusivity to the brand. Mega influencers are also the most professionals who have collaborated with many brands before.

Brands must read carefully when working with mega brand influencers. The majority of them have no intimate relationship with their followers. This makes them less trustworthy than their macro, micro, and nano brand influencer counterparts.

working with brand influencers

A brand may devise a plan on how it wants to work with influencers. Better yet, it may tap the services of a dedicated influencer marketing agency such as Gushcloud, which can create one-off or long-term collaborations with its pool of brand influencers.

understand how brand influencers can help reach marketing objectives

Like any marketing plan, influencer marketing must also set goals and KPIs (key performance indicators). As a band, you need to ask yourself: what do you want to achieve with influencer marketing? For example, reach a new audience, broaden brand awareness, drive engagement, or generate conversion?

This process is foundational in determining the success of the campaign. It is also essential to better manage the said campaign wherein the brand influencers reach the set goals and KPIs.

design a brand influencer collaboration plan

The plan is the blueprint of the influencer marketing campaign. Brands must have an influencer partnership execution that aligns with the marketing budget.

The brand cannot move on to the next step: finding the right brand influencers for the campaign if it hasn’t outlined the campaign plan yet. Important things to decide on are the type and number of influencers it wants to collaborate with, the channels the brand wants to gain exposure in, and the length of the campaign.

research and create a shortlist of brand influencers to work with

You can narrow down your search based on what you’ve determined during planning. For example, if you want to concentrate on Instagram, you should search for Instagram influencers to work with.

Finding the right influencers is not all about identifying names. A more critical approach understands whether the influencers’ interests and areas of expertise are aligned with your brand values and ideals. For more substantial parts of the partnership, you want to know if the influencers’ followers and target audience complement yours. There should be a fit!

connect with the shortlisted brand influencers

Reach out to the influencers. But, of course, you must be aware of how to work with your chosen influencers. For instance, some influencers are handled by an agency, while some work independently.

Formalize the entire process by sending an email. The email doesn’t have to be impersonal. A concise message that offers details about the campaign and asks questions about their collaboration experiences will do. Communicate the partnership terms and the goals and expectations.

launch, monitor, and measure the brand influencer campaign

Once the influencer agrees and signs the partnership agreement, it’s time to work up the partnership. There are several routes to do this, like creating the content and asking the brand influencers to post them on their social account or produce the content for publishing on their platform. 

Whichever route you choose, the most important part is to track the performance of each sponsored content and analyze them against the campaign goals and KPIs. Then, evaluate the metrics to determine whether the collaboration is successful or not and gather relevant insight to optimize future campaigns.

examples of brand influencer campaigns

Gushcloud has extensive brand influencer collaboration examples. Here are some of how we’ve helped brands on various social platforms.

frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  1. How do you become a brand influencer?
    At Gushcloud, we are particular about working with influencers who have garnered a huge social following naturally. Nonetheless, suppose you want to become a brand influencer. In that case, you have to start with choosing a niche that you are passionate about, creating a compelling profile, especially a noteworthy bio, and posting original and creative content consistently on your main platform or platforms.

  2. What is the job of a brand influencer?
    A brand influencer is a person who leverages social media proficiency and prowess in engaging and connecting with audiences in the most authentic manner. Brands tap the services of these influencers to achieve their marketing goals and objectives. As such, the job of the brand influencer is to drive marketing activities around a particular brand through the content they create and publish on their social profiles.

  3. Do influencers get paid?
    Yes, brand influencers are paid. There is an unspoken rule that friend influencers can expect to be paid from $10 for every 1,000 followers in influencer marketing. Aside from being paid directly by the brands, influencers can also make money through the monetization tools on the particular platform they are using, selling merchandise, and earning commission through affiliate links.

our roster of brand influencers

Gushcloud has a rota of brand influencers who have successfully collaborated with companies and organizations throughout the years. These names are worth remembering and working with.

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