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Gushcloud International Launches “Our Boring Life” Content House in New York

Gushcloud International, a global technology-driven digital talent and media company headquartered in Singapore, announced today the launch of “Our Boring Life,” a new New York-based content house, as part of its efforts to create sustainable careers for content creators.

Our Boring Life (OBL) aims to be a powerful collective of multifaceted influencers. With a background in music, acting, modeling, gaming, comedy, and sports, this pool of digital stars is headlined by its founding creator Johnny Valentine (@johnnyvalentineee). The rest of the squad, aka OBL boys, include Tyron Klynhans (@tyy.k), Vitaliy Klinshpon (@mypg13account), Erick Shtezel (@calabungabby), and Nate Crosiar (@natecrosiar) who together with Johnny have collectively amassed almost 10 million TikTok followers and over 173 million likes. They will be joined by other creators including Italian TikTok star Gianluca Molin (@gianluca_molin) who has almost 1 million followers and Will Green (@rintaroes) of Chinese descent from the UK, with over 300,000 followers on TikTok.

With the backing of Gushcloud, the group will share a home in New York where they can brainstorm ideas, collaborate on videos, and work on advancing their careers as well as host brand events and activations. They will have daily uploads on the @oblboys TikTok and Instagram pages and will show more of their lives inside the house on the official Our Boring Life YouTube channel.

“Gushcloud is committed to creating a sustainable future for our content creators and we’re proud to partner with mainstays Johnny, Tyron, Vitaliy, Erick, and Nate and OBL featured guest talents, Will and Gianluca. We share the same values with the OBL boys when it comes to investing in talents and creators, and we’re excited to see them succeed and bring their careers to the next level. With that, we want our creators to focus on what they do best — create content. Gushcloud will have their full support with a team of agents, creatives, and producers,” said Joanne Liew, Chief Studios and Content Officer of Gushcloud International.

The OBL squad includes (from left) Will Green as a featured talent, Tyron Klynhans, Vitaliy Klinshpon, Johnny Valentine, Erick Shtezel, and Nate Crosiar as mainstay creators. TikTok star Gianluca Molin (not in photo) will also be a featured talent

While the OBL boys share a lot of common ground, particularly in their hustle and goal of dominating the digital space, the boys are also very much diverse and unique in their background and areas of interest.

Johnny, born to a Colombian mother and Greek dad, is a young influencer making his way across several platforms, including Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. He has released a few hit songs including “More Than the Last Time,” “Incompatible,” and “Flex on Ya Ex,” and also aspires to become an actor. Growing up, Johnny wanted to be a veterinarian, and though he hasn’t pursued that dream yet, he still loves to help anyone and everyone as seen in his viral TikTok videos.

Tyron who hails from South Africa is famous on TikTok for his lip-sync and dance videos. More than that, he is competitive by nature. He used to swim competitively, enjoys going to the gym, and dabbles in a few video games for fun. But, in whatever he does, he’s always out to be the best and to make his parents proud.

Nate from Illinois is OBL's resident gamer and the youngest of the OBL brood. He started on TikTok as a lip-sync performer and, later on, ventured into streaming and competitive gaming. Similar to the rest of the boys, Nate - who is also into fashion and fitness - is on a mission to prove to anyone that he can be successful in carving his own path.

And finally, the duo – Vitaliy and Erick. It’s no secret that they love to make a lot of people laugh through their vlogs, challenges, and storytimes on their shared social media accounts. However, this pair is also different in so many ways. Vitaliy is known for posting videos and pictures capturing various moments from his day-to-day, while Erick is popular for his comedic dubs and lip syncs. Vitaliy is half-Ukrainian and half-German while Erick has roots in Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, and Germany. Both are proud of their Christian upbringing.

“Gushcloud is doubling down its efforts to bridge the East and West. Our Boring Life is the first of hopefully many projects we have for our content creators, and we’re hoping to also build OBL to become the platform for content creators from Asia to realize their dreams in the West. Aside from OBL, Gushcloud is in fact on schedule to start a female gaming content house in Los Angeles by early 2023. In the long-term, we’re hoping to build more offline and online spaces for our creators to shine,” Liew added.

In line with building global talents and brands that the world loves, Gushcloud is set to establish OBL as a family-friendly platform for Asian brands. Gushcloud also hopes for OBL to spin off into a full offline experience including a possible reality TV show, offline tour (e.g. meet & greet), and exclusive merchandise.

Gushcloud is all about celebrating inclusivity and we welcome all talents of various backgrounds. For collaboration opportunities with the OBL boys, please email And for the latest updates on Our Boring Life, follow @oblboys on Instagram and TikTok and subscribe to Our Boring Life on YouTube.


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