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New work and new love life for Michelle Madrigal

Former celebrity turned vlogger and fitness trainer, Michelle Madrigal, is now a real estate agent with US-based EXP Realty. In her vlog and Instagram page, Madrigal shares her first day experience at work and actively offers her assistance in finding their future homes in Austin, Texas.

“You know that saying, ‘throw me to the wolves and I’d come back leading the pack’, that’s me, I’m the lady in the wild. It feels like, you can throw me anywhere, any situation and I’ll come back stronger, leading,” said Michelle Madrigal.

Back in 2016, Michelle left her showbiz career to pursue culinary in the US. She got engaged to a former football player in 2017 and married her first husband in 2019. They had a daughter named Anika Austin and their marriage lasted for two years.

Madrigal became an online fitness coach and got certified to become a pre- and postnatal specialist after having a successful transformation in her own postpartum journey. In 2021, Madrigal joined the global fitness competition, Ms. Health & Fitness and made it to the Top 5. In 2022, she revealed her new job as a broker in Texas where she is now based for the past six years.

“We are delighted to work with talents like Michelle Madrigal who is a lifelong learner. At Gushcloud Studios, we focus on developing our talents and enabling them through different solutions and capabilities that we offer. We are very excited for Michelle’s new career journey and we hope that it will open more opportunities for her,” said Em Cruz, Gushcloud Philippines Head of Studios.

In her recent vlogs on YouTube channel, Madrigal announced her relationship with her new boyfriend, Kyle. The new couple visited the Philippines and Thailand during the holidays of 2022. During their short visit, they shared their love story with their fans in a ‘His and Her Perspective’ video. Madrigal also got reunited with her sister, Ehra, and revealed secrets in their ‘Never Have I Ever’ video. Both videos were produced in partnership with Gushcloud Philippines.

“Michelle, who was born and raised in the Philippines, is now currently based in the USA. During her short visit here, we were able to work with her and capture her story that entertains, sparks love and showcases a reunion. But most of all, we collaborated in creating content that matters to her, her loved ones and her followers. That is the beauty of a borderless organization like Gushcloud International, we operate in 11 offices globally, and no matter where our talent is, we are able to ensure that the Gushcloud family can provide the support that they need. This truly is a testament to our mission of creating tomorrow’s positive influence,” said Jamie Paraso, Country Director of Gushcloud Philippines.

Madrigal has amassed over 150K YouTube subscribers and 770K Instagram followers. Her popular videos consist of her migration in the US—from her first job, first apartment, to her US citizenship journey.

Aside from Madrigal, Gushcloud also handles the YouTube Channels of fashion icon Rajo Laurel, celebrity wedding videographer Jason Magbanua, celebrities Bangs Garcia, Ciara Sotto, Patrick Garcia & family, and Jimmy Alapag & family. For more information, visit


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