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All In The Creator Family: The Prince Family Went From Flipping Pizzas To 5.3 Million Subscribers

It was 2014, and Damien and Biannca needed a change.

Damien was working at the Little Caesars location where they’d first met as colleagues. Biannca, pregnant with their first child DJ, was balancing two jobs. They were permanently exhausted, paycheck-to-paycheck broke, and on the edge of becoming entirely responsible for their very own tiny person. Something had to give.

As it turns out, that something was YouTube. Over the past three years, it’s given the couple–now The Prince Family–the means to establish a platform, an audience, and to build their burgeoning music career. When they decided to try bolstering their income by launching a family channel in late 2016, they already had a handle on how to do YouTube. Damien had previously run a gaming channel, and he’d kept track of what was popular on the platform, tweaking his video strategy accordingly to bring the views. He and Biannca knew family content was an established genre with millions of viewers, so put that strategy to work for their young channel, quickly establishing their multiple weekly uploads as a mix of trendy content like challenges and unboxings, plus family vlogs and updates about their lives.

Within a year, they were getting around 10 million views per month. Now? They’re close to 100 million monthlies.

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