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Ciara Sotto starts a new online series ‘Ciara Tries’

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Singer and actress, Ciara Sotto launched ‘Ciara Tries’, a new online series where she tries different challenges, trends, food, sports, roles and more. Episode 1 of ‘CIARA TRIES’ is available here.

Produced in partnership with Gushcloud Philippines, the series aims to entertain and provide positivity to her viewers as they get to know her and her guests more through the various challenges and activities they will do together.

“I started my channel during the pandemic where everyone had their own trials to face and I want to do my part in bringing a bit of joy though my vlogs. In this new series, I am looking forward to creating wonderful memories with my family and friends as we get to try new things together. I am very excited and I hope that through this, I am able to bring entertainment and positivity to my viewers,” said Sotto.

In the first episode, Ciara Sotto and her college friend, Chamyto Aguedan, try the Powder Challenge and answer questions on love and friendship. They reveal to the audience who among the two of them is more likely to fall in love first, gets jealous easily, and has the tendency to be more clingy and more juicy fun facts.

“At Gushcloud Studios, we focus on developing our talents and enabling them through the different solutions and capabilities that we offer. We are very excited for this series and we hope that it will open doors to our talent, Ciara Sotto, by showcasing her personality when faced with different scenarios, questions, and challenges,” said Em Cruz, Gushcloud Philippines Head of Studios.

Sotto is no stranger to trying new things. She started her career at the age of 16 and debuted as an actress and starred in the hit TV drama T.G.I.S. She also landed a hosting role on the popular variety show, Eat Bulaga!, and also dabbled in singing where she released four albums. From 2010 to 2014, Sotto joined the theatre community and starred in musical plays Magsimula Ka, Rent, Sweet Charity, Grease, and Full Monty. In July 2020, Sotto started her YouTube channel to document her life outside of television and the big screen. Through her channel, she continues to bring joy to her viewers by sharing family milestones, trending challenges and showcasing her pole dancing skills. September 2022, Sotto was welcomed as a part of the country’s new television network, ALLTV, and has a new show called “M.O.M.S” (Mhies on a Mission).

“We continue to stay committed in creating content that inspires and entertains at Gushcloud. The release of Ciara’s new series, “CIARA TRIES” is something that we are proud to be part of. It allows our Talent to stay current, have fun, but most importantly embody our collective vision of creating a meaningful yet sustainable ecosystem for influencers, content creators and brands to grow together. By creating such content pieces we continue our mission in creating tomorrow’s positive influence,” said Jamie Paraso, Country Director of Gushcloud Philippines.

Sotto has amassed over 233,000 YouTube subscribers and 580,000 Instagram followers. Her popular videos consist of her family members trying different challenges like ‘Who’s Who with the Sotto Brothers’ and ‘Jojowain o Totropahin with the Gamboa Sisters.’ You can watch and subscribe to Ciara on her YouTube channel here.

Aside from Ciara Sotto, Gushcloud also handles the YouTube Channels of fashion icon Rajo Laurel, celebrity wedding videographer Jason Magbanua, celebrities Bangs Garcia, Michelle Madrigal, and Patrick Garcia & family. For more information, visit

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