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The Top Brand Influencers in Asia 2022

Feb 1, 2022

Today, we can safely say that the term brand influencers is a buzzword we hear thrown around in topics and subjects concerning marketing—digital or otherwise.

Currently, public opinion on brand influencers or ambassadors has remained divided. Some businesses consider them to be pivotal to their marketing strategies, while there are skeptical consumers that are not entirely convinced about following these individuals. Regardless of how the public views brand influencers, however, the fact remains that these people can be instrumental to the success of your business. In fact, they play a significant role in getting the word about your business out there. Good and effective influencers can give your business more exposure which will inevitably result in more exposure in your area. And if they are really good, you can even get exposure for your business globally.

After all, social media reach is what you would practically consider as power in the digital world.

However, you cannot be arbitrary about your selection. While finding influencers is not a challenging endeavor, searching for a good one to represent your brand and hopefully build a partnership with your business can be pretty tricky. Apart from ensuring that they are the right fit for your company, you also need to ensure that they value the same ideals as your company does. This is because your consumers will inescapably equate them with your brand. Think of influencers as spokespersons for your company insomuch that your target audience will associate all the things they say with YOUR brand. That said, always be sure that the brand-influencer you choose has a genuine interest in your brand and company.

After all, if they are tasked with swaying the public to patronize your brand and business, they need to be able to do it with much conviction.

Who Are The Top Brand Influencers In Asia (And Why You Should Follow Them)?

Determining who the top brand influencers and ambassadors are requires parsing various niches. However, while there are many categories of brand influencers, their purpose remains the same: to influence the consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Below is a list of some of Asia’s top and most effective influencers in the industry:

jamie chua top brand influencers in asia
From Jamie Chua's Instagram account (@ec24m)

1.) Jamie Chua

Known as one of Singapore’s top influencers, Jamie Chua is regarded as one of the original crazy rich Asians. Her content is mainly on Youtube and focuses on her various luxury buys. While she juggles being a mom with content creation, she has rarely deviated from her uploading schedule, which has started in 2019.

Today, she is considered a mainstay in Singapore’s influencer scene and is, in fact, an influencer way longer than when the term was initially coined.

salshabilla top brand influencers in asia
FRom Salshabilla's Instagram account (@salshabillaadr)

2.) Salshabilla Adriani

With TikTok’s rise to fame, Salshabilla became one of the platform’s most popular creators as well as Indonesia’s biggest influencer. Today, Salshabilla’s followers have reached a whopping 2.2 million, with more than 160 videos published. Today, Salshabilla Adriani is ranked 10589 in TikTok’s global ranking and 10415 in TikTok Indonesia’s ranking.

bgeul bubu top brand influencers in asia
Bgeul Bubu family photo (Instagram: @hajunmom_daily)

3.) Bgeul Bubu

While solo influencers have always been a thing, family creators are an entirely different class of brand ambassadors. Bgeul Bubu is South Korea’s family influencer with a strong advocacy of supporting specific causes that their family is passionate about. While the family partners up with various brands, they take time to create content in support of different causes. As a family of influencers, they understand the significance and impact of their actions towards the audience watching them regularly. With that, the family has fostered and created a positive action that has resulted in the development of a USD 850,000 foundation.

lab muffin beauty science top brand influencers in asia
Michell Wong a.k.a Lab Muffin Beauty Science (@labmuffinbeautyscience)

4.) Lab Muffin Beauty Science

A thirty-something science educator based in Sydney, Australia, Michelle Wong strives to transcend conventions in skincare and cosmetics. As a passionate advocate in the beauty industry, Michelle Wong founded Lab Muffin Beauty Science which aims to shed light on the science behind common beauty products. With that, Lab Muffin Beauty Science endeavors to give easy-to-understand explanations behind the complex science in skincare and beauty. As a prominent figure in the beauty industry sphere, she advocates healthy skepticism, honesty, transparency, good skincare, sunscreen, and a whole lot of other things.

jane chuck top brand influencers in asia
From Jane Chuck's Instaagram account (@janechuck)

5.) Jane Chuck

An influencer turned entrepreneur, Jane Lau (known as Jane Chuck across social media platforms), is a firm believer that anything extraordinary can be created. Born of Malaysian descent, Jane Chuck is a woman with a myriad of talents and skills. While many may know her as an influencer, she is also a DJ, blogger, photographer, model, and artist. Recently, she became an entrepreneur and launched her very own skincare line called Chuck’s. Some of the brand’s offerings are sheet masks that come in their very own instagrammable packaging. In just a year, her brand has managed to foster and cultivate a strong following with a loyal customer base. Moreover, her brand consistently earns rave product reviews. The brand has since expanded its product line and has now included face mask products and even its own merchandise.

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